Promotional Portal for Photographers

Promotional Portal for Photographers. Join for free!

As a first addition to the new facebookgroup OFOTO ( ), this website has seen the light on 1-11-2015.
A simple but efficient portal where photographers can get a free webpage with links to their social media and photo sites like Flickr, 500px, instagram etc.
We want to establish a portal with a database of photographers (EU and worldwide) ordened by country and photo service website.

You will get a web-page (and domain name) like these examples:
If you are an “Oypo photographer”, integrating your Oypo shop, if you provide your shop or folder ID,
your URL will be “with the name that you enter in the submission form”. Like this:
Or a page like this, when you are “a 500px photographer” (redirecting to your 500px page or photo)

If you are using other photo-service websites that we do not mention on this website, you can introduce them in the field “other” (in the submission form).
We will review them and possibly include them standard in the menu. We recommend you to write your information in English.

Your submission is not online at once, but it will be handled with the highest urgency. You will be notified when your page is online.
Please write a description about yourself and your work with a minimum of 350 characters and a maximum of 1500. Less characters than 350 will not be accepted.
The language used on the site is English.

With regards, Ray van Schaffelaar